Description of the Legal English manuals

Hieronymus’Legal English manuals help to understand the linguistic difficulties that Swiss lawyers may face in practice, be it when translating legal texts or when communicating with English-speaking clients.

Legal English Course, Part I : Key notions and civil procedure:

This guide allows to cite in proper form the various Swiss legal sources in English, to explain civil procedural concepts to foreign colleagues in a simple manner and to express fundamental legal concepts, such as procedural time limits and substantive law, in a precise manner. In addition, it contains a guide to legal correspondence tailored to the needs of Swiss lawyers.

In the manual you will find a wide range of thematically arranged, bilingual lists, together with sample documents templates and synoptic charts to help Swiss legal professionals in resolving the difficulties they are most likely to encounter when dealing with legal English. Also included are lists of idiomatic phrases and grammatical usages that typify formal legal writing in English.

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Legal English Course, Part II: The law of obligations and company law :

This manual is designed to supply practical tools for lawyers who regularly interact with English-speaking clients, in particular to handle contract dispute cases, to handle corporate law transactions or to advise business client.

This book includes numerous bilingual vocabulary sheets specific to the law of obligations and company law, together with sample documents templates and synoptic charts to overcome the main difficulties posed by legal English and to master the usual expressions and topical vocabulary.

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