French → German

The majority of the legal documents we translate from French into German (Federal Supreme Court decisions, cantonal court judgements, contracts, general terms and conditions, letters by legal departments of companies based in Switzerland, etc.) come to us from clients based in the French-speaking part of Switzerland. Often, however, we are also asked to translate judgements, contracts, or other documents from foreign jurisdictions, such as France, Belgium and Luxembourg.

In such cases we take care to find the equivalents under Swiss law for the concepts used in those foreign jurisdictions and draw our clients’ attention to instances where terms identical to those found in Swiss law are used in a different sense in the other legal system. If you need a German translation of a statement of claim or a letter written in French for submission to a public authority or a court in the German-speaking part of Switzerland, we recommend our special service Hieronymus Plus, for a translation by a lawyer from the canton in question using the terminology and local usages specific to that canton.