English → Italian

The documents we translate from English into Italian (court judgements, arbitral awards, contracts, etc.) generally stem from the United Kingdom or the United States, but may also come from other countries around the world, where English may or may not be the primary language in use. In recent years, an ever-increasing number of lawyers, banks, and corporate legal divisions in Switzerland have begun to draft the originals of legal documents (statement of claim, prospectuses, bank forms, general terms and conditions, etc.) in English, even when this is not the native language of the authors.

Our highly experienced legal translators are capable of understanding the content of documents written in all current variants of legal English – from the convoluted jargon of a fund prospectus from the British Virgin Islands to the "purely Swiss" terminology that characterises the federal administration’s legal English – and of rendering it accurately in correct and idiomatic legal Italian. If you need an Italian translation of a statement of claim or a letter written in English for submission to a public authority or a court in Ticino, we recommend our special service Hieronymus Plus, for a translation by a lawyer from Ticino using the terminology and local usages specific to that canton.