International judicial assistance in civil matters

Hieronymus has many years of experience in producing accurate and considered translations of documents relating to issues of international jurisdiction, the recognition or enforcement of foreign judgements, the service of judicial and extra judicial documents, and the taking of evidence (letters rogatory, witness depositions, interrogation of parties, production of documents, expert opinions, etc.). Transcripts of depositions, in particular, may often contain oral expressions that cannot be properly translated without a thorough familiarity with both the legal and vernacular usages in the source and the target languages.

Our translators and Senior Lawyer-Linguists (licensed attorneys) have perfect command of Swiss-German, and of the “typically Swiss” expressions used in the French and Italian spoken locally in Switzerland.The translators and Senior Lawyer-Linguists working on English projects are also thoroughly familiar with the idiomatic usages of British and American English.They take special care to draw attention to any potential legal or linguistic ambiguities in the source text in order to provide a trustworthy text on which judges and other authorities may rely.