Project Organisation

All translation projects are coordinated by one of our translation project managers, who serves as a liaison between the client and the translators and reviewers. This ensures the prompt handling of incoming requests. The project manager reviews the documents to be translated, sends a quotation to the client, assigns the documents to the best suited translators and reviewers, and liaises between the various people involved in the project.

The project manager is responsible for organising the work on the project in the most efficient manner and for ensuring timely delivery of the finished translation to the client.

Unlike most other translation agencies that rely on automated quotation procedures, our project management procedures are designed to accommodate the specific requirements of law offices and legal divisions of banks and other corporate enterprises.

Regardless of the nature of the documents – evidentiary exhibits in PDF format, different versions of similar contracts, amendments to general terms and conditions, bank forms with frequent repetitions, etc. – our project managers propose the most expeditious solution for each individual project, pointing out to the client all steps that can be taken to reduce costs without sacrificing quality.