Legal Expertise

As experienced lawyers ourselves, we understand what lawyers require of a translation. All translation projects carried out by Hieronymus are managed by licensed Swiss lawyers with years of professional experience acquired in law firms, the legal divisions of banks or large companies, or in government agencies such as FINMA and the SNB. Our clients know that they will find in us a knowledgeable partner they can talk to about the issues that are crucial to them, who is capable of understanding their specific requirements and providing them with the right solution.

Hieronymus has extensive experience in translating documents from all branches of law:

Our clients

Our clients include Swiss law firms, banks, insurance companies, investment funds, government agencies, and corporate legal and translation departments from the retail, industrial, real estate, telecommunications, and health sectors. Clients avail themselves of our services both for one-time assignments and within the framework of long-term relationships. Special arrangements can be agreed with clients who require translations on a regular basis.

  • 1 Law firms 42%
  • 2 Bank/Finance 35%
  • 3 Corporate 17%1
  • 4 Other 6%2
  • 1 Main areas: real estate, retail, energy, pharmaceuticals and telecommunications
  • 2 Insurance companies, public authorities, private individuals
  • 1 Customers in German-speaking Switzerland 47%
  • 2 Customers in French-speaking Switzerland 39%
  • 3 Customers in Ticino 6%
  • 4 Foreign customers 8%
  • 1 Litigation and arbitration 36%
  • 2 Contracts, General Terms and Conditions, and banking 31%
  • 3 Regulatory proceedings and compliance 12%
  • 4 Capital markets 6%
  • 5 Tax law; mutual administrative assistance and mutual legal assistance in tax matters 4%
  • 6 Trademarks and patents 4%
  • 7 Other 7%

Die Schweizer ACE-Gesellschaften beanspruchen die Dienstleistungen von Hieronymus nun seit einigen Jahren. Die erbrachten Dienstleistungen entsprachen uneingeschränkt unseren Erwartungen - sowohl in qualitativer Hinsicht als auch mit Bezug auf die Effizienz.

Benedikt Gschwend, ACE Insurance

Hieronymus ist über die letzten Jahre zu einer sehr wertvollen Partnerin in der Erbringung unserer Dienstleistungen an unsere Klienten geworden.

Luc Defferard, Walder Wyss