Corporate law, M&A

We translate – both on behalf of law firms and at the direct request of boards of directors and corporate legal divisions – all documents of a legal or financial nature as required or authorised under company law (articles of association, shareholder meeting invitations and agendas, annual reports and financial reports, compensation reports, financial statements and consolidated financial statements, shareholder agreements) in connection with mergers or acquisitions (letters of intent, share purchase agreements, merger reports, reports by specially qualified auditors) or with other extraordinary events (capital increases, capital reductions, share issues, bond issues and buyback programmes, including those conducted on the stock exchange).

We are fully aware of the stakes involved for our clients in such matters and of the need for precision in our translations. We are also cognisant of the sensitivity of the information to which we are made privy and of the need for absolute confidentiality. Our clients may rely on the over ten years of experience Hieronymus has acquired in the translation of documents for highly sensitive transactions. Our clients know that they can trust and rely on the organisational and security systems we have developed to meet even the highest standards of confidentiality. Please contact us for further information.