Swiss reliability and discretion

The clientele Hieronymus serves is made up for the most part of law firms, banks and other members of the finance industry, boards of directors and legal divisions of large corporations headquartered or doing business in Switzerland.

The translation process at Hieronymus has been tailored specifically to correspond to the needs of our clients. Because of this, we are in a position to guarantee that they meet the strictest standards of confidentiality for which the Swiss legal, banking, and finance industries are known.

Hieronymus rigorously complies with the ISO 27001 standard for IT security and the ISO 17100 standard for translation. In keeping therewith, we have implemented an Information Security Management System that extends to all aspects of our business operations, including the selection, vetting and training of our employees, stringent data control procedures, and the continuous monitoring of all our IT systems. All our servers are located in Switzerland.

We thus have the means at our disposal to assure the desired level of confidentiality for all projects, including those of the highest sensitivity. For more detailed information please contact us to arrange for a personal meeting with our representatives.

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BoD Chair

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