Quality Assurance

Legal precision

The legal precision of our translations is our trademark. In keeping therewith, all translations are prepared in strict accordance with client specifications as to style, format and choice of terminology.

We work only with experienced legal translators chosen for their proven ability to fully understand and faithfully render complex legal texts. Our translators translate exclusively into their own native language.

We work on the principle of triple control: translators, senior lawyer-linguists and project managers work together to ensure that our quality standards are upheld.

Legal expertise: the power of attorneys

All translations are closely reviewed by a licensed Swiss attorney with full command of the legal intricacies and stylistic nuances specific to the languages of both the source and the target documents. It is in order to maintain this high quality standard that we limit our services to the five languages most in use in Swiss legal practice and in which our Senior Lawyer-Linguists are fully proficient. Lastly, before delivery to the client, all translations are submitted to the Project Manager for final verification to ensure that it is properly formatted, orthographically correct and in conformity with all of the client’s specifications.

State-of-the-art technology

Hieronymus uses the most advanced technology available both for computer assisted translation (CAT) and for security. This enables us not only to ensure the consistency and confidentiality of our translations, but also to provide our clients with faster delivery times and lower costs. Among the services we offer is the creation of client-specific terminology data-bases to guarantee the linguistic and stylistic uniformity of all documents created for the client in each target language.

As of February 2020, we also offer our customers access to the first dedicated neural translation engine specially designed for the translation of Swiss legal documents. Check out LEXMachina now and discover the many advantages artificial intelligence can offer in this area.

Switzerland’s boutique translation agency

Many translation agencies boast that they have thousands of translators worldwide at their disposal. For our part, we guarantee that we work only with a small pool of some 50 individually selected translators, each of whom has demonstrated the necessary legal understanding, linguistic skills, discretion and reliability to produce translations of the high quality we demand. At Hieronymus we work regularly with our translators to help them hone their skills and further develop their knowledge and understanding of the subtleties of Swiss law. We also keep them up-to-date on best practices for cyber-security and data protection technology.

"Die juristische Genauigkeit unserer Übersetzungen ist
unser Markenzeichen."

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