Trademarks and patents

Hieronymus has extensive experience in the legal translation of pleadings and judgements in the area of trademark and patent law, in particular, in the telecommunications and pharmaceuticals industries. The translation of documents relating to trademark and patent law pose two major challenges. On the one hand, translators must have complete command of the highly specialised legal terminology used in these areas in order to render it accurately in a second language. Secondly, in this area, there is a large overlap between the fields of legal translation and technical translation.

This means that translators must not only be capable of fully understanding the legal aspects of the case, but must also demonstrate the tenacity, the patience, and the discipline to do the research needed for finding the precise translation of even the most highly specialised technical terms. Hieronymus has at its disposal a team of dedicated translators and translation reviewers for whom deciphering the intricacies of trademark and patent law are a welcome challenge.