Hieronymus Plus

In some cases it is more expedient for a lawyer to draft pleadings or letters in their own native languages and have them translated for filing with an arbitral tribunal, or with an administrative authority or court located in another canton with a different official language. In order to ensure that, in such cases, the translated document has all the earmarks of an original, we have established a special service under the name of Hieronymus Plus.

Hieronymus Plus translations are revised by a lawyer who practices (or is licensed to practice) in the canton where the document is to be filed. The translation is adapted to conform with the local usages in that canton (formulation and positioning of prayers for relief in pleadings, legal etiquette and forms of address, designation of the parties, structure and format of pleadings, etc.). The work of revision must naturally be carried out in close collaboration with the lawyer who drafted the pleading (remarks, questions, telephone consultations) in order to ensure that not only the formal aspects of the document, but also the details of fact and nuances of expression are faithfully rendered to the complete satisfaction of the client.

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Co-Head of Translation Project Management / Italian Department Lead

Co-Head of Translation Project Management
Italian Department Lead

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