Litigation and arbitration

The translation of litigation and arbitration documents is our main field of activity, in terms of both the number of assignments we receive and the quantity of pages translated. Hieronymus has over ten years of experience in working with sensitive litigation documents, particularly in the banking and financial industries.

In order to leave our clients sufficient time to read and comment on translated procedural documents prior to filing (requests, answers, replies, rejoinder, rejoinder, etc.), we make every effort to deliver them as rapidly as possible. We also translate judgements and pleadings submitted by opposing parties as expeditiously as possible so that our clients have the maximum amount of time to prepare their responses within the normally tight procedural deadlines. We also regularly translate evidentiary documents and excerpts from the Swiss legal scholarship or case law for filing in international proceedings.

Through our Hieronymus Plus service customers can order translations of pleadings to be prepared in such a way that they can be submitted as originals in court proceedings. In such cases, we ensure full compliance with all legal and linguistic requirements and conventions specific to the canton where the proceedings are being conducted. As part of our Hieronymus Plus service, a senior lawyer-linguist works in close personal coordination with the attorney in charge of the case.

The translation of litigation and arbitration documents demands absolute discretion and particularly strict procedures for maintaining confidentiality. Our clients know that they can trust and rely on the organisational and security systems we have developed to meet even the highest standards of confidentiality. Please contact us for further information on our confidentiality policies and security systems.