Hieronymus cherche un/une Stagiaire en traduction juridique (DE/EN -> FR ou DE/FR -> EN)

Stagiaire en traduction juridique (DE/EN -> FR ou DE/FR -> EN) (40-100%) Lieu de travail: Ville de Fribourg ou Ville de Zurich Date limite d’envoi du dossier de candidature: 15 mars 2023 Hieronymus SA effectue des traductions juridiques de haute qualité pour des études d’avocat/es et les services juridiques de banques et de grandes entreprises […]

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Legal English Shot – What are the German and English equivalents of the French expression “sous les réserves d’usage”?

What is the meaning of that expression in Swiss law? Most legal jurisdictions assign a special status to correspondence between lawyers as a means of facilitating the amicable resolutions of disputes. This makes it possible for the parties to speak freely and openly with one another while negotiating an out-of-court settlement. In Switzerland, lawyers are […]

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Legal English Shot – In English, a “partner” is the superior of an “associate”. In French, the partner of an associée is her loving spouse.

How are the various members of a law firm referred to in English, French, German, and Italian? As the influence of Anglo-Saxon law firms in Europe grows, it is becoming more and more common to hear lawyers in Romandie speaking of colleagues who have become “partners” in a law firm, rather than “associés”.  Use of […]

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Legal English Shot – What are the English terms for a “Prokurist” / “fondé de procuration” and a “Handlungsbevollmächtigter” / “mandataire commercial”?

Terms relating to rights of representation and signing authority in companies   A company is normally represented by the members of its governing body (Exekutivorgan; organe exécutif; organo esecutivo), as registered in the commercial register. In the case of a company limited by shares, for example, this would include the following (recommended English terminology for the […]

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Legal English Shot – Don’t let yourself be “indoctrinated” by legal literature

Beware of false friends: Jurisprudence, doctrines and the legal literature The French terms “doctrine“ and “jurisprudence“ (in German: “Lehre“ and “Rechtsprechung“) are often mistranslated in English with “doctrine” and “jurisprudence”. The English term “jurisprudence” normally refers to the theory, philosophy and analysis of the law (Oxford dictionary of law: “Jurisprudence is the theoretical analysis of […]

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