Legal English Shot – Comment s’adresse-t-on à un avocat en anglais ou en allemand ? Y a-t-il un équivalent pour « Maître » ?

Maître Renard n’est que Mr. Fox ou Herr Fuchs… Le titre de « maître », apanage des avocats francophones depuis le Moyen-Âge, n’a d’équivalent direct ni en anglais, ni en allemand. On doit ainsi se contenter d’un simple « Monsieur/Madame Renard » (Mr./Ms. Fox, Herr/Frau Fuchs) ou, plus formellement, en allemand, de « Monsieur/Madame l’avocat(e) » (Herr Rechtsanwalt/Frau Rechtsanwältin). Le titre […]

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Legal English Shot – Don’t let yourself be “indoctrinated” by legal literature

Beware of false friends: Jurisprudence, doctrines and the legal literature The French terms “doctrine“ and “jurisprudence“ (in German: “Lehre“ and “Rechtsprechung“) are often mistranslated in English with “doctrine” and “jurisprudence”. The English term “jurisprudence” normally refers to the theory, philosophy and analysis of the law (Oxford dictionary of law: “Jurisprudence is the theoretical analysis of […]

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Legal English Shot – Is there a quid pro quo in your contract? A question well worth consideration.

The notion of “consideration” under Common law In connection with contracts, consideration is the technical term for “the act, forbearance, or promise by which one party to a contract buys the promise of the other” (Garner’s Dictionary of Legal Usage). It is also called a “quid pro quo” (something for something). The equivalent in German […]

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Interview mit Language Box, den Schweizer Experten für Übersetzungsprozesse

Paula Reichenberg, Geschäftsführerin der Hieronymus AG, Translations by Lawyers for Lawyers und Gründerin von LexMachina, gibt uns in ihrem Interview einen ersten Einblick in die Funktionsweise und verrät, weshalb eine Maschine den Job eines Übersetzers trotz allem nicht ersetzen kann. LexMachina: die Übersetzungsmaschine für Schweizer Anwälte – Language Box  

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Legal English Shot – Don’t let the court of competent jurisdiction hold you incompetent

Master the difference between jurisdiction and competence The English term “jurisdiction” can have different meanings, depending on the context: The official power to hear a suit and to make judicially binding decisions or judgements (e.g. “The courts of Switzerland have no jurisdiction in/over the matter”, “The Supreme Court has appellate jurisdiction to hear appeals from […]

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Hieronymus is proud to announce that Innosuisse is co-funding our Datalambic research project

We are proud to have been granted Innosuisse funding for our “Datalambic” project – allowing us to gather and clean a plethora of Swiss language data to boost the performance of our Neural Machine Translation (NMT) engines. This 18-month project, which started on November 1, 2020, is being carried out in collaboration with iCoSys, a research […]

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