Leases, real estate and construction

In the translation of real estate documents there is an overlap between the fields of legal translation and technical translation. Regardless of whether the source text is simply an extract from the land register or a highly complex property sale agreement, a general contractor or prime contractor agreement (design-build), or a commercial lease, the translator must have a detailed understanding not only of property law, construction law, zoning and planning law, and real estate law, but also of the entirety of the technical standards issued by the Swiss Society of Engineers and Architects (SIA).

In addition, the translator must have the tenacity, the patience, and the discipline to do the research needed for finding the precise translation of the most highly specialised technical terms. Service duct specifications, screw drive models and the various types of natural stone finishes: every detail counts and must be translated in such a way as to avoid any potential ambiguities that could give rise to disputes between the parties. Hieronymus has at its disposal a team of dedicated translators and translation reviewers for whom deciphering the intricacies of real estate and construction law are a welcome challenge.