Legal translation into English

We are able to provide translations into either American English or British English, depending on the preference of our clients. The greatest challenge in translating "Swiss" legal texts into English is the faithful and clear rendition of Swiss legal concepts with which legal practitioners in common law jurisdictions are often not familiar. What is the correct legal English term for “une personne appelée à donner de renseignements” (“Auskunftsperson”) within the meaning of Criminal Procedure Code Art. 178 et seqq. Is there a succinct English expression for the Swiss notion of “mainlevée provisoire” (“provisorische Rechtsöffnung”) in debt enforcement proceedings? Does “mandate” in English have the same meaning as a mandat or Mandat in French or German?

The Hieronymus team of legal and linguistic professionals has over ten years’ experience in untangling the complexities of legal translation from the languages of Continental, civil law jurisdictions, into English. Through our own comparative law research and exchanges with American and British colleagues we have accumulated a vast database of terms and reference material. We gladly make this knowledge available to our clients through the publication of our Legal English Course, our Synoptic Table of Swiss Law, and our “Legal English Shots” – notes on individual legal English expressions, distributed on request by e-mail. (Please note that due to internal restructuring we currently unable to send out the Legal English Shot monthly.)